Candle care is often overlooked by the keenest of candle enthusiasts but with a little education you can revolutionize the way you take care of your newest addition. Here are some key points to think about, or what I like to call "The moments of candle care."

Moment Number One:
when you intend to light your candle for the very first time, ensure that you have time to allow your candle to burn for approximately 4 hours for the first burn session. This gives your candle every opportunity to have it's melt pool reach the edges of the vessel. The reason we do this is because soy wax tends to create what is known as a "memory" within the wax as it burns. Once it reaches a certain point and then cools, it might struggle to go beyond that diameter and begin to tunnel.

Moment Number Two: 
Ensure your wick is trimmed to approximately 6mm. Your Weave & Grace candle will arrive already trimmed and ready to light, but often times when you purchase a candle, this just isn't the case and can lead to problems including large and excessive flames.
Ensure that you make trimming a part of your candle care routine. After extinguishing your candle and the wax has cooled, take the opportunity to trim it so that it's ready for your next burn rather than leaving it and running the risk of forgetting. 
Trimming your wick is as simple as pinching off the end of the wick once it is completely cooled with a paper towel/tissue, trimming it carefully with scissors or investing in a wick trimmer to ensure that carbon build up doesn't down drop into the wax and create a risk of secondary ignition.

Note: wick trimmers are coming soon!

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